Playlist 07: Eli Soul Clap

Eli Goldstein from Soul Clap

We caught up with Eli Goldstein, from the dj duo Soul Clap, on what he's streaming and following. Tune in below!

Hustle: Given the on-going civil unrest and fight for equality, is there a charity or cause you'd like to shout out or give a spotlight to? 

Eli: I’m really into voting rights these days. Two organizations I support are Voting While Black ( and Fair Fight (

H: In these crazy times, we want to highlight some of the good that’s happening - is there anything you’re looking forward to or excited for?

E: Very excited for our Rave The Vote live-streams. Kicking off this Friday (7/24)! More information at

Follow Eli (@soulclapeli) and Soul Clap (@soulclapofficial) on social!