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! | New Year, New You | America's favorite matcha company since 2014

! | New Year, New You | America's favorite matcha company since 2014

Playlist 10: Barbie Bertisch

Playlist 10: Barbie Bertisch

NOW STREAMING: A heady selection of CTI cuts, curated by DJ & co-editor of Love Injection, Barbie Bertisch

Before diving into the tracks, we caught up with DJ Barbie Bertisch on dancing and the origin of Love Injection. Keep up with Love Injection on Instagram & on Medium. Follow Barbie Bertisch on Instagram & on Soundcloud

On the Playlist: All songs released on Creed Taylor Inc, the imprint founded by Creed Taylor, who also founded Impulse! and signed John Coltrane, later moving on to Verve and introducing bossa nova to US audiences. 

  1.  What was the inspiration behind Love Injection?

Started in early 2015, Love Injection sparked as an idea inspired by independent underground zines of the past. Paul, my creative and life partner, was starting a new job around the holidays and had some downtime, to try his hand at graphic design for print. I met him around that time, prior to the first issue being fully formed, at Academy in Greenpoint. He asked if I had any interest in contributing and I wound up putting together the launch party for the first issue and gathering a handful of contributions from my night family which was part of the Loft and Joy crews. It all snowballed from there and here we are, almost six years later. 

  1.  Besides being a DJ and a zine publisher (among other things), are there any side hustles you have that people might not know about? 

I have a BFA in Fashion Design which is what brought me to New York to begin with, as I had zero hopes of finding work in Miami, where I lived for eight years. I did a dozen internships, lived what I feel is like a million lives. Moved to tech and became a project manager, then left tech—learning that money doesn’t equal fulfillment. DJing and music were always a part of me just as much as design is. Pursuing music more seriously and doubling down on re-discovering creativity, after a few stifling years in management, has made me a happier, less anxious person, especially during the lockdown. I highly recommend it, if you can still cover your basic needs (rent won’t pay itself!) 

  1.  Last time you danced your heart out? 

Too long ago now. We’re in a weird, twisted, footloose-esque nightmare with no end in sight. I miss parties </3

  1.  Any orgs or social causes you would like to shoutout or give light to? 

Bushwick Ayuda Mutua 

North Brooklyn Mutual Aid 

Black Trans Femme in the Arts

NYC Nightlife United

Music Workers Alliance

Some doing great work to directly impact our neighbors in need and create self-sufficiency among us when our governments fail us, others also seeking policy change. These have been great resources on learning about our communities’ needs, whether you are an elder in need of groceries or an artist without a safety net. 

  1. Lastly, how do you like your matcha? 

How y’all make it :)


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