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! | Happy Holidays MatchaFam | 30% OFF SITE-WIDE FOR BLACK FRIDAY

! | Happy Holidays MatchaFam | 30% OFF SITE-WIDE FOR BLACK FRIDAY

Meet musclecars

Meet musclecars

 Get to know the masterminds behind the NYC dj duo musclecars from Issue 02 of our zine!

H: Why musclecars?

Brandon (B): We thought it would be funny, and we were taking too long to pick a name. I like names that don’t give you an expectation of the artist’s sound, gender or race.

Craig (C): It was definitely an inside joke for a while, and then we we’re just like - I guess we’re musclecars now. (Laughs)

H: First time you realized you wanted to DJ

C: I’ve been super into making music and playing with different sounds since I was a kid. DJing was definitely a no brainer.

B: Listening to Daft Punk’s early mixes from the 90’s. Through that I discovered Masters At Work, Paul Johnson, Frankie Knuckles and a lot of early New York/Chicago stuff.

C: We definitely first bonded over those artists when we first met.

B: When I pick up a new interest I tend to do a deep dive into the history and everything there is to know. I got into electronic music and felt an urge to share the records with others.

H: Favorite place to listen to records in NYC

C: Nowadays, although the DJ booth at Le Bain always has me feeling lifted.

B: Nowadays and Public Records’ Sound Room.

H: Favorite place to buy records in NYC

B: Joe Claussell’s record shop on 56 Bogart St, Sacred Rhythm Music and Cosmic Arts. Jay Locke is the buyer, and he curates an amazing selection.

C: Cosmic Arts for the selection and environment; feels like home. Still, I probably go to A1 Records the most and always end up finding something on my discogs want list. Honorable mention is Captured Tracks because I’ve really been loving that spot lately.

H: Thing you’re most excited for in 2020

B: More Coloring Lessons parties, our own production and international gigs!

C: Some really exciting stuff in the works for 2020. Can’t wait to share with you guys :)


Keep up with musclecars on Instagram, Spotify, and Soundcloud! And don't miss their Valentine's playlist for Issue 02 💚


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