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Millions of Pouches Sold!       FREE SHIPPING      Millions of Pouches Sold!   FREE SHIPPING       Millions of Pouches Sold!       FREE SHIPPING       Millions of Pouches Sold!       FREE SHIPPING      

Meet Alix Peabody

Meet Alix Peabody

In honor of National Women's Month, we caught up with one of our fav female founders + friend, Alix Peabody, about her company Bev & breaking the glass. 

Hustle (H): How would you describe your company and what you do at Bev? 

Alix (A): Bev was really a brand and a mission before it was a product, and this message really stemmed from an ethos of changing drinking culture and making social spaces more fun and inclusive. Our mission is to do it different, do it better, break the glass. This really permeates into everything we do and believe in - from changing the alcohol beverage industry, to changing the drinks (cans!) in our hands. 

H: From reading Bev's origin story, it's apparent you're no stranger when it comes to hustling. What does Hustle mean to you and what drives you? 

A: Hustle is everything. In the beginning, it was really just me and my cat Harold. It took a lot of really hard work, a lot of tears (and laughter!), and a lot of early mornings and late nights to all come together. For me, Hustle is loving what I do, and working every day to make what I love and believe in a reality. The hustle never stops!  

H: Bev is all about breaking the glass in so many ways. What made you want to break into the wine space and how is Bev shaping that culture? 

A: Honestly, I never saw myself in the wine space, or the alcohol industry in general. I knew absolutely nothing about the industry when I first started Bev. It all sort of happened by accident. I initially started with wine because I wanted to be able to sell directly to consumers. California wineries are able to do so, which is pretty unique within the alcohol industry. So, I decided that wine was the way to go! I also started with rose because it was my favorite varietal of wine - and my favorite color :) 

H: What's some advice for someone trying to enter the industry or follow your footsteps as an entrepreneur? 

A: I think that the biggest things are knowing your why. You have to have conviction in what you’re doing, and believe in your purpose to your core. When you can turn your why, or whatever really makes you tick, into your brand or company, that is really the sweet spot. For me, this has really helped me through all of the tough times and kept me going. One of the things I say is “the only way out is through,” and this could not be more true when it comes to entrepreneurship. 

H: What has been the most rewarding experience so far for you at Bev? 

A: I recently got on a zoom call with all of our Bev brand ambassadors. It is still so crazy to me that there are so many wonderful people out there who just love the brand and want to support it. I got pretty emotional on the call, just seeing everyone’s faces and answering all their questions. It’s still so wild to me to see how far the brand has come! I love the community we’ve built and am in awe of the support every day.

H: Do you have any side hustles that people might not know about? 

A: Hah! Well, Bev pretty much takes up all my time. I would say the closest thing I have to a side hustle is my ability to connect people with cats, and literally to help people adopt them. If this sounds weird, it’s because it kind of is. I have personally placed 25 cats into the happy homes of my friends, family, and employees. I have 3 myself and am truly obsessed - they make my life (and the lives of so many others) so much better. 

H: What are you looking forward to this year (personally or at Bev)? Are there any new projects or initiatives that we can look out for? Alternatively, are there any small businesses or organizations you would like to give a shoutout to? 

A: This year is going to be pretty crazy and exciting! We just signed a new national distribution deal with E & J Gallo, who will be helping us expand our footprint in retailers nationwide. This means Bev will be in many more stores and shelves near you :)

In my personal life, I’m really hoping to take a vacation - it’s been 4 years and I could really use the rest and recovery.

H: Lastly! We gotta know––what's the story behind the cats? 

A: I actually got my first cat, Harold, on the same day that I incorporated Bev. He quickly became a huge part of my life, as well as the lives of everyone who met him. Harold is pretty much responsible for the 25 other cats that have been adopted by those around me. Once everyone met Harold, they wanted one of their own! Now, the cats represent a super strong subculture of our brand. It all started with Harold. 

Keep up with Alix (+ her cats!) on Instagram and as always, #breaktheglass with Bev!  


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