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30g, 80g, 200g
Matcha Powder
30g, 80g, 200g
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Lemon Lime, Peach, Mint, Berry
Sparkling Matcha
Lemon Lime, Peach, Mint, Berry
Matcha Kit, Electric Whisk
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Matcha Kit, Electric Whisk

Be Your Own Barista.

Everything you need to make the perfect matcha latte.

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5 Stars Energy with no crash, packed with nutrients.

- Daniel P.

5 Stars It's quickly become my go-to morning pick me up.

- Bill S.

5 Stars I haven’t had coffee since!

- Sandy P.

5 Stars Best matcha ever. Delicious and easy to make.

- Jessica M.

Thank you, next.

Energy is a long-term relationship. And oftentimes, it's toxic. Coffee? Energy Drinks? Your "go-to energy boost?"

You can do better.

Boosts Energy & Focus Boosts Energy & Focus
Antioxidant Powerhouse Antioxidant Powerhouse
No Crash, No Jitters No Crash, No Jitters
Fruits Fruits Fruits

They Broke up With Coffee.

MatchaBar has great products that are low in sugar and actually taste good.
Finessing your matcha latte, might I suggest Matchabar matcha?.
Energy drinks get a healthy makeover with help from MatchaBar.
...a nutritious alternative to coffee that get you hype, but don't leave you jittery.